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Blister Clamshell For Bike Light

The simplicity of PET blister clamshell construction provides quick and easy assembling, furthermore, the transparent plastic packaging can clearly display the product with its neat design.  Clamshell Blister Packs This carded packaging combines the advantages of both Blister Packaging and Clamshell Packaging. The Clamshell style PET Blister has strong protection to keep the product from damage and […]

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blister clamshell

PET Clamshell For Bike Light

WJP offers the packaging in various specifications, customized for the specific needs of the clients. The printed paper card divides the cable, pocketed in a cavity on the back side, from the actual bike light, secured in a cavity in the front. The transparency and simplicity of this neat design clearly displays the product, yet

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